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Our Projects

All our projects are directed to enhance public, especially students', awareness on health problems. For the past few years we have been involved in creating Oral Health Awareness among School students. Currently we are conducting HIV/AIDS awareness program among high school students (class XI and XII). Till February, 2015 programs could be conducted in 33 schools. Programs were also held in 8 schools of Howrah district since then.
Previously (2011-2012), we observed many of the International Days on few diseases and infections, by distributing leaflets containing basic facts of the diseases in lucid local language.
Maiden publication of the Association has come out in 2017 in the form of a booklet in Bengali with title as “Swasthya Bhabna Kichu Ajana Katha” dealing with vital information on common diseases and relevant topics which may prove useful for common people. The book has been priced Rs. 50/-. It is also meant for free distribution to interested school /college and office libraries. Please feel free to contact us.